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Your crown is cemented onto an abutment formed by the internal structures of the tooth it restored. While it is designed to be as functional and durable as one of your natural teeth, there are some circumstances that can compromise its secure hold on the abutment.

An accidental hard fall or blow to the face can sometimes compromise the cement that secures your crown to the abutment. Chronic issues with gum disease can also pose a serious threat. The bacteria in your mouth are pervasive.

Over time gum disease can cause your gums to recede from the base of your teeth. This could give the bacteria in your mouth access to the seam where your crown meets the abutment. As time passes they can compromise and weaken the cement that anchors your crown in place.

If you notice your crown feels loose, it requires immediate attention by Star Dental.

You should avoid playing with, tonging or wiggling, the loose crown. The more you manipulate it, the more likely it is to cause complications with the abutment. If a blow to the face left blood and debris in your mouth, you can clean it away by gently rinsing with lukewarm salt water. Any other cleaning should be left to the highly trained dental professionals at Star Dental.

If the abutment inside the crown is still structurally sound, your dentist might be able to cement the crown back in place. If the abutment has been significantly damaged a root canal might need to be performed to restore sufficient structure to the abutment.

If you have a loose, or damaged crown you need to call Star Dental as soon as possible at 916.773.6222 to schedule an emergency appointment.