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Do you have misaligned or crowded teeth? If so, you probably understand that either of these issues can be embarrassing, but did you know that crowded teeth could also cause a number of serious problems? Fortunately, there are also a few solutions you could consider.

Still, even though you could have a few issues because of crowded teeth, many people want to address the issue because it can be embarrassing. However, if you have crowded teeth, your pearly whites will be more difficult to clean. Once this happens, you’ll be more vulnerable to gum disease and tooth decay. Sadly, decay can also lead to problems such as pain, difficulty chewing, and even tooth loss.

Similarly, if you have crowded teeth, you won’t be able to bite correctly. This is a problem because an uneven bite can eventually wear down your teeth. Again, this is a problem because your dentin could be exposed, leaving you vulnerable to sensitive teeth. Sadly, you may also be more likely to grind your teeth, also known as bruxism, if you have crowded teeth. Bruxism can lead to frequent headaches, cracked or fractured teeth, and even tooth loss.

Fortunately, our team can help you address these problems, though we recommend contacting us for specific advice. If you’re interested in learning more about dealing with crowded teeth in Roseville, California, please feel free to give Star Dental a call at 916.773.6222. Dr. Sonny Ashfar and our team look forward to meeting with you.