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Are you afraid to see your dentist to have your teeth examined or get your teeth cleaned? If so, you are not alone! About 30 to 40 million Americans avoid their dentist because of dental anxiety, about 9% to 15% of people in the country.

Why do people fear their dentist?
The number one reason folks fear the dentist is pain. People think procedures will be painful and worry that needles for injections will hurt or that numbing agents will wear off during a procedure.

Loss of control is another list topper. Patients feel vulnerable as they sit in the chair not knowing what is going to happen next. This helplessness makes their anxiety worse because they don’t know what to expect.

Self-consciousness tends to exacerbate anxiety as the patient attempts to sit still while their masked-wearing dentist hovers over their personal space with sharp implements. They may also feel embarrassed because their smile isn’t what it should be.

Past experience that was negative can also increase anxiety if a patient had a bad experience at the dentist’s office.

Dental anxiety vs. Dental Phobia
Patients who suffer from dental anxiety feel uneasy when they know it is time to see their dentist. They might experience exaggerated worries and fears, but they make and keep their appointments.

Patients who have dental phobia are generally terrified and panicky, putting off dental help for years. Dental phobic people would rather wait until they are in pain, which means they can end up with serious gum infections, broken teeth or even tooth loss.

Symptoms of dental phobia:
–You can’t sleep the night before a dental exam.
–You are increasingly nervous while sitting in the waiting area at your appointment.
–Seeing your dentist in their white coat increases your anxiety.
–You feel sick when you think about your dental visit.
–You have trouble breathing, or panic when dental instruments are put in your mouth.
–Just thinking about dental instruments make you want to cry.

If you feel this way when visiting your dentist, we want to assure you that we are here to help you get the smile you want in the calmest way possible. At Star Dental, we strive to make your experience relaxed and pain free. We offer conscious sedation with your comfort as our goal.

Please feel free to call our office at 916.773.6222 to learn more about restoring your smile in our caring hands!