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Missing or compromised teeth from chronic gum disease or severe tooth decay, will have a serious negative effect on your quality of life. While some people might turn to removable dentures to restore their lost teeth, many people still would prefer a more permanent option.

Dr. Sonny Ashfar offers a cutting edge treatment known as All-on-Four®. This essentially incorporates a series of permanent bridges that can be secured on as few as four dental implants. Even if you’ve lost significant bone structure, you could still be a viable candidate for Dr. Sonny Ashfar‘s All-on-Four®.

At the start of the procedure, Dr. Sonny Ashfar, will need to take a series of X-rays or perform a CT scan. This will help to get a clear understanding of the particular details of your mouth, the available bone structure and the location of any pertinent sinuses.

The front implants are set into the dense bone material that remains in the front part of the jaws. At the same time, the two posterior implants are secured at an angle to avoid the sinus cavities in the area.

Once the implants have been secured he can start the process of fitting you for a series of non-removable bridges, that will restore the full function and appearance of your missing teeth.

If you’ve lost some or all of your natural teeth to gum disease or severe tooth decay, you should contact Dr. Sonny Ashfar‘s office in Roseville, California at 916.773.6222 to schedule a consultation appointment.