Bridging the Gap

Whether it’s due to an injury, illness or age, tooth loss is a common dental condition that can be treated effectively with the use of a dental appliance called a bridge. A missing tooth doesn’t just affect the look of your smile, it can also negatively impact your everyday life. If you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, do any of these conditions sound familiar?

Make a Good Impression

Having missing teeth can affect your self-confidence and lower your self-esteem. It can also contribute to other serious oral health issues. But missing teeth don’t just affect how you see yourself, they also have an impact on how others see you — and it often isn’t in a good way. We believe that a healthy smile reflects an overall healthier you. Read on to discover the missing tooth replacement treatment we highly recommend.

Dental Implants — A Permanent Solution

Are you suffering from the embarrassment of gaps in your smile from missing teeth? Are you experiencing discomfort or pain from ill-fitting dentures? Are you tired of not being able to eat foods that you love because missing teeth or dentures make that too difficult? As our patient, you know that our primary goal is to do what is best for you. Read on to discover why we believe dental implants are the next best thing to your regular teeth when you consider replacement solutions

Have You Lost a Permanent Tooth? You Aren’t Alone!

By the time we are in our mid 40s, 69% of us have lost at least one permanent tooth. Over one-fourth of adults between the ages of 65 and 74 have no teeth left at all! With over 500,000 procedures performed each year, the dental implant has become the standard of care to replace missing teeth. At Star Dental, we believe nothing can beat the look and function of dental implants. Could an implant be right for you?