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You may realize that you should floss, but do you? In reality, flossing can be difficult – especially if you’re doing it the hard way. With some proper techniques, though, you’ll find flossing can be an easy way to amplify your oral health. Try to follow the following five tips when flossing:

Use about one-and-a-half feet of floss, which is approximately the length from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger. 

Wind the bulk of the floss around a finger on your dominant hand, then wind the remainder of the floss around that finger on the opposite hand.

Tighten the floss, then carefully slide it between your teeth.

Once you’ve reached your gums, pull the floss tightly against the tooth and slide it up and down.

With new sections of floss, follow these steps for each tooth.

If you follow these steps and floss regularly, your mouth will be cleaner, your breath will smell nicer, and your dental team will be prouder! To receive additional training on flossing correctly, schedule an checkup with our Roseville, California, office by calling 916.773.6222 now. The team members at Star Dental would be ecstatic to answer your questions about how to floss properly.