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You may feel understandably frustrated if you have developed signs of tooth decay or a cavity even though you strictly practice proper oral care every day. Even excellent oral habits are not always enough to prevent a cavity, but if you visit the dentist promptly, you can receive conservative treatment to eliminate tooth decay.

Perhaps the most common treatment service for tooth decay treatment is dental fillings. After we remove the decay and clean out the cavity, our dentist then places a special material to fill the remaining tooth and increase its strength.

A cavity that is too large for a filling but is located in a tooth that is still sufficiently strong may be treated with a partial crown. Partial crowns are also known as inlays or onlays depending on the style of their installation, and they treat the cavity while providing the tooth with extra strength.

If decay has reached the majority of the tooth, a dental crown may be the best possible option to save the tooth. It is custom created in a dental lab so that it can be properly fitted in your smile following the cleaning out of the tooth decay.

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