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In many cases of teeth suffering from significant dental stains, the only viable method for restoring your white smile is to have a dental bleaching treatment administered at Star Dental. The professional tools and techniques deployed by Dr. Sonny Ashfar can protect your teeth and gums from harm while alleviating dental stains that have saturated deep into your tooth enamel.

It’s important to note that dental stains can still recur on your teeth. So, it’s wise to take some special measures to help ensure that you can enjoy your professionally whitened smile for many years to come.   

It’s often wise to cut back on certain foods and limit dark beverages. If you do occasionally drink coffee, tea, or dark soft drinks, you might want to try using a straw. If you use tobacco on a frequent or occasional basis, you should strongly consider a cessation program.

If you do notice minor surface stains developing on your teeth, you might want to try using whitening strips or brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association.

It’s important to understand that the hydrogen peroxide concentration of whitening toothpaste can only brighten minor stains. You should not see it as an effective way to resolve significantly stained teeth.

If you live in the Roseville, California, area and you have significant dental stains on the teeth in your smile, you should call 916.773.6222 to schedule a whitening consultation at Star Dental.